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Lost & Found Dogs





                 UPDATE on Dog Below

His name is now Charlie and his owners took him home for 1 night and decided he would have a good home here sleeping in my daughters bed and having people around all the time. We love him to pieces but he has alot of issues probably from his 5 weeks being lost. He scares very easily and takes abit to regain trust. We have found out he is 18 years old and a terrier cross. He came cross country about 18kms without the coyotes getting him. He hates wet grass, thunder storms prefers table scraps to dog food and hates being alone the most. He is a wonderful addition to our family and is loved by all that meet him.


 May 24th,2009 This dog came into our yard. He was in real bad shape and has been on his own for quit sometime. He is a male, neutered, completely deaf and I'm guessing older as he has some teeth that have been pulled, I think he has cataracts and he is not only grey in color but lots of grey hair in it and around his face and eyes. A white patch on his chest and feet. Not sure of the breed but it is something that requires regular grooming and hasn't been done in months. Very gentle disposition. Good around other dogs. He might have been lost or left behind from last years camping season and was unable to hear his name being called. We were going to take him to the SPCA but he deserves some TLC first. Thorn bushes were so badly matted into his skin he was unable to sit down. He was starving, thirsty & exhausted. He walks very well on a leash, is house trained, asks to go outside, loves to sit on your lap, sleep on the couch and to be petted. He got a bath today and we are slowly trying to groom him but the matting and is so thick and his skin is sore he can only take it for so long.  He is also very partial to his beard so it probably won't be getting trimmed. If you think you might know this dog please phone us as we would love to see the owner be reunited with him.  978-0732 



      May 26th. After 4 baths and 3 grooming sessions he finally has all the matted hair off and smells presentable. His skin is sore in spots but healing fast and is actually starting to hear some things.

He walks so good on a leash and when you tie him to something he lays down so I am definetly thinking he is a city dog used to going for walks and being tied up at a store as he doesn't pull on the leash as you walk away or bark when you've gone out of sight. Look at how handsome he is NOW!!


                                                      Yes, it's a bad haircut
























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