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   I'm Jan Diehl & welcome to Pampered Paws Photography site. I started this business
 because of my love of animals.              
   Our dogs                                                  
  Norwegine Elkhound -  Angus 12, Bassethound -  Lucy 11, &
Golden retriever Jessi -  9. Too many to count barn cats
Our newest member of the family is "Tucker" who is a rescued  puppy 
that  came into "Critters"  to buy dog food with his foster Mom Tara while I was shooting
Easter portraits.
      Enough said!......                            
    If there is a special occasion coming up or  your pet's birthday or you just want me to
capture a portrait to commemorate your beloved pet year round, give me a call.
I can photograph your pet with their family or by themselves. I offer total convenience,
coming to the location of your choice.
   Pets do seem to be more relaxed in a familiar environment such as your own home. If it's
better for you I can do them at my studio in Saskatoon or in the summer at my acreage. I can
photograph your pets using different backdrops or we can work together to get photos of
your pet with their favorite toys, snuggled up next to you or fun times with your children. I
also offer a wide variety of costumes including: tuxedoes, firefighter, nascar racing suits,
cowboy& cowgirl, etc.
   The session is approximately 45 minutes long (or longer if need be)